Enjoy professional and bespoke art at home.


Have you got a pricelist?

Of course, please just head over to my                     to see what kind of painting you have in mind. Then feel free to                    me through my website for more information.



Do you only work from photos? Can I send you pictures or do you need to take them instead?

Yes, I work mostly from photos. I find it beneficial to meet and photograph the subject however I appreciate this is not often possible due to distance. I am perfectly happy to work from photos taken by you, as long as  the photograph  is high resolution.  I can only paint as well as the photo allows me to. I also accept photographs taken by professional photographers - provided you have secured their permission. Please see               for more information.


How long will it take?

 A predicted date of completion will be given upon ordering. Whilst I will spend every effort to complete your commission for the desired date, it should not be thought of as absolute certainty and I will notify you of any delay.

Can you do any size? Does it have to be a portrait in oils?

I am happy to do any size that you require. It doesn't have to be the sizes suggested on the                               page. Similarly, if you are looking for a drawing or a painting of a horse in landscape in acrylics (for example) I am happy to oblige you in any way I can.  Just let me know of your requirements and                   me here.