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Terms of Payment - Commission orders will only be continued if accompanied by a non-returnable deposit of at least 1/3 of the total price. The remaining balance is due upon satisfactory completion of the artwork, and payment must be cleared before the delivery takes place. 

Cost - For every commission, Myfanwy will supply a quote to the client which will be held to for the duration of time it takes to complete the arranged painting. This is providing the client adheres to the agreement after the initial quote.

Duration - A predicted date of completion will be given upon ordering. Whilst I will spend every effort to complete your commission for the desired date, it should not be thought of as absolute certainty and I will notify you of any delay.

Delivery - Delivery will be made in person by Myfanwy wherever possible, or an arrangement will be made between the client and the artist to best suit both parties. Artwork acquired overseas will be delivered by standard post. The date of delivery will be agreed by both parties in advance. 

Alterations -  I take great pride in my work to ensure that my customers are completely satisfied with my products. Reasonable alterations to finished artwork will be carried out with no additional fee. Where unexpected alterations are asked for, or any that differ from the agreed commission, there will be an additional fee based on my time.

Copyright - Reproduction and publishing rights for all artwork must remain with Myfanwy Powell and images must not be reproduced, copied or published in any form without her disclosed, written permission. Likewise, this applies for all photographs Myfanwy Powell takes. The client agrees that commissioned images and photographs may be used by Myfanwy Powell for promotional purposes, prints for sale or for any other means. 

Third Party Source Material -  It is the clients responsibility to secure permission from the copyright holder of the third party source material (for example, the photographer) and provide proof of this at the time of the commission request.

Privacy Policy - Details supplied by clients will not be passed to any third party.

Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions