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A number of options I offer...

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Normally the most popular option and ideal for bringing your horse or dog to life. available in oil on canvas or board.

sizes are as follows:
12 x 10 inches or 
16 x 20 inches

price is available upon request.

Single Portrait

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want to bring your cherished animals together in one painting?
also a popular choice for clients who have two inseparable animals which they wish to illustrate in painting too.

sizes are as follows:
24 x 30 inches

price is available upon request.

Double Portraits

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bring your animals togther forever in a triple portrait. make their friendship last a lifetime.

sizes are as follows:
60 x 90 cm (23 x 36 inches)

price is available upon request.

Triple Portrait

Not what you're looking for?

Although my required services mostly consist of portraiture, I am happy to help if you are looking for something else. This may include a full body portrait, your horse in landscape or a number of portraits included in one painting. I can provide a wide range of services and happy to meet any of my clients requirements. If you wish to see more, please click here to view more of my work in my portfolio.

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- Dawn

"Her ability to capture the animals likeness is like no other."

- Bod

"I couldn't recommend Myfanwy highly enough. I love my picture of my hunters on Autumn exercise.
Love love love it. My lovely painting by Myfanwy Powell takes pride of place... Thank you for capturing this memory for me."

- Brier

"Myfanwy painted the most beautiful and life like picture of our springer, she nearly pops out of the canvas! Incredible talent."

Kind Words

"A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not."
- Leonardo da Vinci